In this video, we are going to show you how to connect Audiocast for the first time.We will show you step by step from power up the device to connect the device to your mobile.

You will need a Audiocast device, a Android/iOS mobile and the Audiocast APP. AudioCast APP is available at Google Play or App Store by searching for AudioCast

Please note, Audiocast only support 2.4GHz WiFi for first time connection, after first time connection you can change to use 5GHz WiFi.

For more info about AudioCast, please visit:

4 thoughts on “How to connect AudioCast for the first time

  1. Klaus Bruett says:

    How can I connect AudiCast to Airplay and use it in the same way as I use Apple TV (of course only for audio streaming)

  2. Van peteghem says:

    That said bad password for my box(French box Orange)
    I have controlled this is the good pass word
    How I can configure your audiocast

  3. Arthur says:

    I heard it said “wifi connected” and then nothing happens. About 30 seconds, it says “setup failed.” I have an alternate way ti setup according to instruction on the screen, but when I look for its wifi SSID, I see it is private and I don’t know the password. How should I setup in this case?

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