FAQ List

You can connect up to 7 AuiodCast for the moment.If more than that, the streaming performance may be different according to the capability of your home router

Very Easy! You can use 3.5 jack plug or RCA breakcable. You just have have to check that your stereo have at least an “Aux In” connection.

AudioCast, normally, has a maximum range of 30 meters. This is also dependant upon the intensity and number of wireless networks in your area.

Yes. AudioCast allows you to play tunes that are available in your iTunes, your internal memory, NAS device in your network.

Your music can be anywhere – NAS, Computer, Media Player – as long as it is accessible on your network, AudioCast App can index them into your music library and you’ll have access to them right in your App, and play to any or all AudioCast connected speakers.

Yes. AudioCast is with spotify connect feature. All you have to do is get Spotify Premium account and streaming in Spotify App, or play on the iPhone and airplay it.

For AudioCast connected speakers, you can stream same song to all speakers at same time, stream different song to different speakers or 2 speakers play song A,other 3 speakers play song B.