AudioCast_Android APK_3.0.1.180716   Download
#1. Modified the framework of multiroom group way, which groups different zones through the router. The distance cna extend to where the WiFi covers;
#2. Support multiroom group through the LAN, more stable;
#3. Modified the mechanism to connect new device, more compatible with the router;
#4. Removed Douban;
#5.Removed Pandora;
#5. Fixed the problem that music files from USB could not show on Android 5.x
#6.Fixed TIDAL bug
#7. Fixed other bugs.

Notes: The latest features will be available once you update the firmware to version 3.8.XXXX.X in the OTA way after September 6, 2018. If the firmware update fails, please contact the distributors for the update firmware or write email to [email protected]