AudioCast Wireless Car Audio Streamer

Lossless audio

1 to 2
1 device pairs
2 cellphones

Internal MIC
Hands-free call

What is AudioCast BA10

AudioCast BA10 is a small device that plugs into your car speaker for streaming music through bluetooth 4.2.
Connecting to smart phones, AudioCast BA10 can upgrade your existing car audio system to the wireless audio system that supports Qualcomm aptX,
and it can also support two cell phones connect to the AudioCast BA10. Through the SBA/AAC aptX wireless protocols, you can transmit the HiFi music
playing on your cell phones to the upgraded car audio system.

Cast Audio Easily
Cast all your music to your car speakers wirelessly

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Plug the USB and 3.5mm audio cable properly to start the device, and press the multi-function button to enter the pair mode.


Open the cell phone, go for Bluetooth setting to search AudioCast BA10 and connect.


After successfully connected, the car audio can be upgraded to the Qualcomm aptX support high quality audio system.

Long press the multi-function button can enter the pair mode.

Product structure


Product nameBluetooth Car Audio Receiver
ModelAudioCast BA10
Bluetooth protocolAVRCP 1.6、A2DP 1.3、HFP1.6
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 4.2 /Qualcomm aptX
MIC sensitivity-38DB
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz


Status, Indicator, Voice prompt and button functions

StatusIndicatorVoice promptMulti-function button
Power onBlue, blinks twiceBluetooth device has started/
Power offOff//
Pair modeBlue, blinkingBluetooth Pair ModePress 3 seconds
ConnectedBlue, continuousBluetooth connected/
DisconnectedBlue, quick blinkingtwice every 2 seconds.Bluetooth disconnected/
Clear dataBlue, blinkingClear settingsPress more than 6 seconds
Music modeBlue, continuous/Short press: play/pause
Double click: next
Call modeBlue, continuous/Short press: answer/hang off
Press more than1 second: reject to answer
Connected modeBlue, continuous/Press 1 second: start cell phone voice dialing



Q: Can the device be automatically connected?

A: Once connected, the device can save the ID, can automatically connect later.

Q: How many ID can be saved at most?

A: 4 at most, if more than 4, the data will be overwritten.

Q: How can it connect to 2 cell phones or PADs?

A: Once the first device is connected, press the function button to enter the pair mode to pair the second cell phone or PAD.

Q: Can the 2 cell phones play music at the same time?

A: No, only one can play. To play music from the other cell phone, Users have to stop first., the same for call mode..

Q: Why no internal battery?

A: AudioCast BA10 is for car use. When the temperature is high, it may explode..

Q: My car has Bluetooth builtin, why do I need this Bluetooth receiver?

A: AudioCast BA10 supports aptX to play higher lossless audio, which can help to upgrade your car audio system.

Q: How is the audio quality?

A: Bluetooth 4.2 technology, more stable transmission. The aptX technology can support lossless audio quality.

Cast all your music to your car speakers wirelessly